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RapidWeaver Design Accordion Add-ons "Glass N' Smooth"

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Site last published: 03/23/10


Given all of the cool different plug-ins for RapidWeaver provided by YourHead.com, we decided to make some pretty add-ons for Accordion that will help you make your site look even more professional than it probably already does.
This being said/typed, you should check out all the different add-ons we have created for the Accordion plug-in. They are super easy to install and have a great value. We also provide you with the optimum settings for use. -Psst.... if you love value, you should check out the bundle! Over 60 styles

What You Get

This set comes with 8 different styles that are sure to give you website a professional look. You can mix and match the styles or simply choose one color scheme. Here are all of the styles:



Once again, the style you see on this page used to display this content gives you the gist of what you're going to get with this add-on. When you order the add-on you will be provided with not only all the images you need, but also the screenshots that will help you get the right settings ironed out. If all else fails, e-mail us and we'll help you figure it out!


Now that you know everything there is to know about this nifty little add-on, you can buy it...for



More Info

If you don't already have the Accordion plugin for RapidWeaver, visit their site. They only charge $9.95 for the plugin and it is well worth it. Also, you can look around their examples page to see just a few of the creative things you can do with this plugin.


Visit the tutorial page to see how to install these add-ons. You can also refer to the screenshots on this page as well as those that come with the add-on. Thanks for using RapidWeaver Design!