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Site last published: 03/23/10

|||lt;font color=99cc33|||gt;Softy Kwix Addon! |||lt;/font|||gt;

So we've been watching web trends and it looks as if the soft colors are making waves regarding template styles. Thus, we've just released the kwix add-on "Softy." We're excited and hopefully you are too! Pick it up and use it in your site to give a professional touch!

Click Here to check it out in action! :)


|||lt;font color=99cc33|||gt;Wow! |||lt;/font|||gt;

Hey Everyone!!!

I can't believe the last post was made on October 13th!!! That's insane! We have a ton of different things in the works but just haven't had the chance to upload them to the server yet. Hope everyone had a Merry Merry Christmas and got to spend some much needed time with loved ones. We are really excited for 2009 and hope to hit the ground running with new releases and possibly some themes! We've been itching to release some of the themes we've been working on. Get pumped! All the stuff we will be coming out with will help you inexpensively give your site more professionalism and that polished look we are all going for! Stay Tuned!

|||lt;font color=99cc33|||gt;Frames! |||lt;/font|||gt;

YAYYYYY it's here with over 40 different styles.... "FRAMES." This is inspired by the theme by elixirgraphics called gallery. With these addons you can make your site look that much better. These took quite awhile to do but we wanted to offer you more selection (3 different gloss variations per style!) Hopefully you enjoy them! Happy Weaving!



|||lt;font color=99cc33|||gt; Finally! |||lt;/font|||gt;

Finally! RapidWeaver was giving us a lot of headaches lately because we couldn't get our add-ons to work with the new 4.0 version. After installing the update of 4.2 things are going much better. Although there are still a lot of bugs we will be releasing some new styles! We're excited for some of the new Collage 2 styles we have in the works. Stay tuned! :)

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|||lt;font color="99CC00"|||gt;New Tutorial|||lt;/font color|||gt;

We just added a new tutorial that teaches you how to make your own custom kwix style!

|||lt;font color="99CC00"|||gt;More Kwix Add-ons!|||lt;/font color|||gt;

Here yee here yee!!!! More kwix styles at a lower price and more variation! We just came out with 3 different kwix styles that are about 25% less expensive and twice as cool (well we usually don't pick favorites, but we think they're a pretty good deal!). Introducting: Urban, Floral, and Covert Ops! Check em out! :)

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|||lt;font color="99CC00"|||gt;More Collage 2 Add-ons!|||lt;/font color|||gt;

Stage Picture
Because we also do screenprinting, we figured it might be kind of a cool idea to do a t-shirt type collage 2 add. Also, you can never go wrong with a shiny stage to put it on. Enter..... STAGE! The latest Collage 2 Add-on for RapidWeaver! Check it out here ENJOY! :)


|||lt;font color="99CC00"|||gt;Collage 2 Polaroid Add-ons!|||lt;/font color|||gt;

Alright so we finally repackaged the polaroid add-on and hopefully people will be a little more happy to download files individually. We also are offering a bundle that will save you money! :) psst. there's also a 15% discount code called TRIPLEBYPASS . Enjoy and happy weaving!!!!


|||lt;font color="99CC00"|||gt;Our First Collage 2 Add-on!|||lt;/font color|||gt;

YAYYY! The excitement over the Collage 2 plugin by the guys at Yourhead.com has rubbed off on us! We are announcing the release of our very first Collage 2 Add-ons called Paint! We're excited because this style will give your website an edgy, artsy, or even grundge look that will make your site look that much more impressive! Hopefully you like it and leave a comment if you read this post. psst. We even have more styles in the works! :)


|||lt;font color="99CC00"|||gt;Grassy!|||lt;/font color|||gt;

YAYYY! It's a new add-on for the kwix plugin and it's called GRASSY! Check it out! :)grassypreview